Welcome to Rolando Larice & Associates, a full service health and wellness clinic for you and your family. Dr. Larice is one of the premier Psychiatrists in St. Louis and across Missouri and his wife; Dr. W. Larice is one of the premier primary care physicians in St. Louis and across Missouri. Together Dr. R. Larice and Dr. W. Larice, with their exceptional clinical team, provide you and your family convenient and compassionate care that has become the standard for their practice.

The Larice’s focus on one important aspect of the healthcare services they provide, and that aspect is quality patient care. This quality care extends beyond the psychiatrist to other services that impact an individual’s overall mental health and wellbeing. We ensure only quality and compassionate office staff, psychiatrists, primary care doctors, nurses, therapists, and more for our patients and their families. We strive to create and maintain a practice that offers services for all of your health and wellness needs.


Psychiatric Care

Psychiatric evaluation, consultation, medication, and ongoing care.

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Utah Family Dentist Services


Counseling and therapy for an array of mental health and life issues.

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Addiction Medicine

Recovery maintenance and access to our partners at Midwest Institute for Addiction.

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A current patient of Dr. Rolando Larice expressed the following words in a public review on Google:

… Dr. Larice genuinely cares about his patients. I wish that I would have had the opportunity to meet with him sooner. He has totally changed my life for the better. Most doctors have kept me waiting for over an hour and then spent less than 10 minutes with me and then didn’t even remember me or my name on my next visit. I guess I should have told them that I am number 1021. I had lost all hope in finding the right doctor for me… Dr. Larice is so thorough as my psychiatrist. He did genetic testing to find the best medication for me also a blood test. Dr. Larice actually found the right medication for me to live a good and happy life. Other doctors had prescribed me medicine that made my symptoms worse. I actually dreaded facing each day and now I look forward to each day. The waiting room was full and what that tells me is that Dr. Larice is a good doctor and loved by his patients. When I was in the waiting room all of his patients couldn’t stop raving about him. I trust him with my life and future and would wait any amount of time to see him. One lady that was in the waiting room has two children with mental disorders and she drives 1.5 hours just to see him. She said he is the only doctor that actually cares about her children and has helped them dramatically. Dr. Larice has been a Godsend to me. His dedication to his patients is outstanding and unheard of in this industry….”



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There are many clinics, physicians, therapists, and psychiatrists in St. Louis but Rolando Larice & Associates is among the few that recognize the importance of patient care, not solely through medical attention, but through attention to detail and of the greater picture. Our focus is on the quality of service we provide from the first phone call and throughout each and every interaction. We maintain an operation that is accessible, responsive, adaptable, and compassionate for YOU. Make an appointment today!

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